Richard Spiteri
Funeral Arranger / Conductor

I believe my first role is to listen to and understand what it is a family wants in their time of grief. As the Proprietor of Hills Family Funerals, I am responsible for planning and conducting funerals, ensuring that every aspect of the planning comes to fruition. I have been working with families to organise memorable funeral services for 25 years.

Annemaree Gibson
Funeral Arranger / Community Relations Manager

As the Community Relations Manager at Hills Family Funerals, I organise charity events and liaise with the community and community groups. I have 30 years experience in nursing, hospitality and working with the community. In my other role as a funeral arranger, I help to make sure that the important details of a funeral service are fulfilled. I also assist families who wish to prearrange their funerals.

Krista Anderson
Funeral Arranger / Conductor

I have often been called a perfectionist – but I prefer to think of it as having a good eye for detail! I use my skills at Hills Family Funerals to ensure that every aspect of planning for a funeral is considered. I have 15 years experience in helping families farewell their loved ones.