Aged Pension – Asset Test Changes effective 1 January 2017

As of 1st January, 2017, the Australian Government is changing the assets test to the aged pension.

Did you know that if you pre-pay your funeral now, it can assist you in preserving your current pension benefits?

Call us now to find out more, or to read more about the changes, head to the links below:

Department of Human Services – Social Security Assets Test

AMP News – Are you Prepared for Changes to the Age Pension Assets Test?

Planning Provides Comfort

Perhaps the best time to arrange a funeral is before it is needed, without the grief and stress that comes with a death. If you have ever thought about pre-planning your funeral in sydney or the funeral of a friend, then our team of specialist arrangers can help you.

Pre-planning is an opportunity to make all the important decisions yourself, and by including your personal preferences your family will know they are honouring your life as you would like. In our discussions with you we will take the time to listen to your requirements and arrange a funeral that truly reflects your individuality and document the preferences that your family needs to know.

You might like to think about:

  • Whether you would prefer a cremation service or a burial
  • A church service or a Celebration of Life at a Sydney funeral home
  • A list of your favourite music
  • Putting some of your favourite images together.
  • Whether your hobbies or interests should form part of the service

To assist you in this, we have produced a brochure called “Making Your Wishes Known” where you can list your preferences. The brochure also has some practical aspects as well. Please send me an email and we will send one to you without any obligation.

Prepaid Funerals in Sydney

As well as documenting your personal funeral wishes you can also elect to prepay for the funeral.

The added benefits of this are:

  • The price is fixed at today’s price. The reason that we are able to do this is because the inflationary increase of the cost of the funeral is offset by the interest gained on the bond
  • You protect your family from the financial burden of paying for the funeral
  • Your investment is lodged in your name in a bond administered by a division of Bendigo Bank and controlled by government regulated investment scheme – thus your money is secure.
  • You can choose to pay for your prepaid funeral in one payment or by installments.

Should you require any further information regarding Funeral Planning then please contact us on 02 9680 9463 or by sending us an email at

See the website of the NSW Department of Fair Trading which discusses different types of pre-paid funeral arrangements. It lists the rules that have been put in place for your protection and outlines the benefits of a Pre-paid Arrangement over Funeral Insurance.

To find out more, head to the link below:

NSW Department of Fair Trading – Contributory and PrePaid Funerals