PlasmaPlasma donation

Annemaree Gibson knows how important donating plasma is to the community.  Every 6 weeks Annemaree goes to Australian Red Cross Blood Service, Rose Hill to donate plasma.  Australia needs more than 27,000 blood donations each week.  “Plasma is the most versatile component of our blood as it can be processed into 18 different products to create treatments for: cancer such as leukaemia and lymphoma, trauma, shock and burns, kidney and liver diseases, liver transplants, haemophilia, infectious diseases, prevention of shingles, measles, chicken pox and polio, prevention of Hepatitis B, as well as to treat brain and nerve diseases, blood diseases and clotting disorders and immune deficiencies.”

Annemaree suggests you give them a call (ph. 13 14 95) to donate plasma and help our community.  She says it takes about 40 minutes and she loves the Byron Bay Cookie, amongst other snacks, that you receive after you donate.